Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It's cold outside. My throat is slightly sore. I'm tired. I need to go grocery shopping. My foot, leg, shoulder, hand is sore. I have a headache. I don't have anything clean to wear. I don't have time for that today. I have an appointment. I pulled a muscle. I didn't sleep at all last night. I need to organize the playroom, kitchen, living room. I need to finish a project. I just don't want to go.

There's so many reasons I can talk myself out of going to the gym.  Unfortunately, excuses don't burn calories.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To Many Babies

We need to slow down the baby train.  Between Neal and I we've had three cousins give birth in the last six and a half months and five more will have babies over the next 6-7 months.  This is getting excessive...

I was talking to a friend recently.  She wanted to know if or when she gets pregnant if she should tell me.  I have to wonder if this is a common thought people have.  It's not the first time baby news has been hidden from me.  Just in case anyone is wondering it's better to tell those of us your news up front.  Perhaps even in private before you announce it to the world.  We need to know you care enough about our feelings to allow us a few moments to process the news.  It doesn't mean we're jealous.  It doesn't mean we're not happy for you.  It just means we need a moment to digest the news.  If we smile, but don't just for joy, don't take it personal; we're still digesting.  Every time a family member or someone I'm close to announces they're pregnant, I have to check my feels.  You all may find this excessive and unnecessary, but it's part of the coping process.  I ask myself how I feel about the pregnancy and really go through my feelings.  It's like checking the moister in your flower pots.  Test each one to make sure it's good and you move on. Most of the time I come to that I'm okay with it.  I've found if I check my feelings first, they don't blindside me later. 

Recently I spoke with someone who was never able to have children of her own.  She said, "You can feel perfectly fine.  A year, three years go by and suddenly the feelings pop up."  I appreciate having her in my life.  She's one of the few people I see often who understands this crazy world of infertility.  One of the ladies who helped me Sunday shared her story.  I knew she had a third grader because he was in my Children's Church class last year.  Assumed she had adult children, but it turns out her son is the one and only.  She was told she would never have children and he's the happy little blessing they got nine years ago.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blah, Blah, Blah

My blog has been sitting here while I debate about a pending post; Kaitlyn Joy's likes.  Yeah she likes stuff.  Who cares?  I'll let the grandparents scramble.  Actually they seem to have it figured out even though we live hundreds of miles apart.  I'll give one hint to anyone looking for a gift she'll love that won't break the bank.  She likes the kids craft kits that you can find at every craft store.  The bonus is craft stores typically have coupons making the kits $8-$12.  Target puts them on sale often enough and Wal-Mart... well they sell them, but I've never seen them on sale.  They all have bags you can color, necklaces to make, sewing and painting projects.  All a winner with Kaitlyn Joy.

On to real life now.  I'm having one of those nights where I debate about posting something on Facebook, but can't decide what.  I guess that means I really need something to do.  On a random not, Neal's birthday is in 20 days, Kaitlyn Joy's is in 38 days and Christmas is in 39 days.  Some days it feels like time is dragging by and then I find myself almost a month away from Christmas.  Of course this means Neal will be home for R&R soon.  This is the longest he's ever been away.  It's time.  Kaitlyn Joy asked me three times today how many more days it will be until he gets home.

My almost 7 year old has shot up 2" since Neal left.  Next summer she should be able to ride everything at a Six Flags theme park.  Unfortunately the one nearest to us seems to have their lines slightly higher than they say.  She may need to grow 4.5" instead of 3.5" just to make sure she hits the line.  If nothing else Neal will be home so I'll get to ride everything.  By the way she's 50.5"; 89% for girls her age.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Nail Polish Woes

On Saturday I pulled out the nail polish to replace the polish on my toes I had removed earlier in the week.  While painting mine I also touched up Kaitlyn Joy's toes that I had just painted the day before.  She had managed to knock half the paint off of one big toe.  So here I go, base coat, color, color, top coat, all done.  I head downstairs cautioning Kj to be careful not to mess up her nails.  I sit on the couch and immediately I have a fur ball, Maggie, snuggle up between my feet.  I made her move, but it was to late.  The polish on both big toes was messed up. =/  That dog!  I didn't fix it before church.  To top it all off Kj messed up her polish too.  Perhaps I should replace hers before gymnastics tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Like Father Like Daughter

As much as they like to deny it, Kaitlyn Joy and Neal are a lot alike.  Since Neal's been off playing in the "sandbox" Kj has been taking his place in leaving shoes out in dark places.  Tell me it's not fun to stumble into your garage, catching yourself a split second before you fall off the landing onto the garage floor.  I mean really, that's totally awesome.  At least Neal and Kj seem to think it's awesome.  I jump out and scare them, they leave shoes out for me to trip over.  While pregnant I tripped over Neal's shoes many times in our crazy dark entryway.  And before you ask why I didn't just turn a light on, the only switch was next to the front door.  Instead of sticking his shoes to the side, he would put them right in the walkway even blocking the doorway to the restroom right next to the front door.  I caught the wall many times to prevent myself from falling down.  Now that Neal's gone, Kj is putting her shoes in the middle of the walkway and (grrrrrrrrr) I stumble over them all the time.  I step out into a dark garage and (BAMB) I'm grabbing the door frame to keep from falling off the landing.

So last night...  I'm laying in bed when Kj suddenly comes in saying something.  I asked what was wrong and she couldn't tell me.  I told her she should go back to bed so off she went.  I hollered after her saying to turn off the lights, but she didn't respond.  I had to get up and do it myself.  When I got to her room she was already asleep.  Tonight when she was going to bed I was giving her a hard time about getting out of bed and not turning the lights off.  She didn't know what I was talking about.  Of course.  Like father, like daughter.  I told her what she did and she kept saying she didn't do it.  That's what Neal says too.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Kj: "This dog is so hairy you can't see it's eyes." (stuffed animal)
Me: "Daddy's head is so hairy you can't see his bald spot."  (Neal)
Kj: Laughing, "That's funny!  Don't you think that's funny?"
Me: "Let's pray."

She was laying in bed ready to go to sleep.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Twinkies & Coke

Kj: "Can we get some Twinkies?"
Me: Acknowledges I always say no. "Sure"
Kj: Puts them in the cart.  Walks buy Krispy Kreme donuts.  "Can we get some donuts?"
Me: "No, you got Twinkies."
Throughout the store she spots yummy things and request to get them as well.  Being over the "I want..." or "Can we get..." requests I finally said, "yes you can get it, but you have to put the Twinkies back."
Kj: "Why would someone put Twinkies back when they've never had them?!"

We don't normally buy sodas at the store, but I decided to buy myself a 2 liter of Coca-Cola (darn them making us weave through sweat and salty treats to check out).  Kaitlyn Joy threw a fit.  She demanded I put it back.  I said, "Leave me alone, you're getting Twinkies!  If you don't want me getting the Coke then you put your Twinkies back!"  We both left happy. =)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Holy Sports Bras Batman!

I've discovered high impact sports bras are important when you're running.  Your girls need support and frankly running makes them hurt.  Last weekend Kaitlyn Joy and I went to the Under Armour outlet store.  I had to find a high impact sports bra.  I don't like the price tag on them, but this is important.  Now tell me why do they put zippers on them?  Do they need a zipper?  I can get a medium impact sports bra on without a zipper.  And just to side track ladies joke - sort of- about the workout you get from putting on a sports bra.  I've mastered the art of squeezing into to spandex so the bras don't phase me.  I did give up wearing the spandex tops with shelf bras in them.  It's one thing to get the bra and top on, but after a hard workout getting them off takes an act of congress.  After standing in the gym shower one day declaring the top had to rot off because I was to tired and sore to take it off, I started wearing Under Armour tanks

Alright, Under Armour's high impact sports bra with a zipper.  I'm in the dressing room with Kj whose face is in the corner; for a moment anyway.  She thinks it's funny to turn around with her eyes closed while I freak out on her. (rolls eyes)  You put the thing on like a vest, a very tight vest, then attempt to zip it up.  Notice I said attempt.  The biggest challenge after getting the zipper to meet is to get it started.  Heaven help me.  Kj was doing circles in the corner while I'm fighting to keep the seams together and zip the stupid thing up.  I know why it has a zipper now, it would be impossible to get on without one.  I'm sure Neal would have loved to be there for the crazy show.  On the other hand if he had been there Kj wouldn't have been in the dressing room playing lets drive mommy nuts.  Whatever.  I bought it and after wearing it three times it's getting easier to zip.  It still feels like a tiny vest when I initially try to put it on, but at least I can zip it with little to no trouble.  And BTW, it works.  I tested it out in the dressing room by running in place and jumping around - much to Kj's embarrassment.   I call that revenge. 

And now there's another new sports bra in the house and it belongs to Kj.  That girl!  I bought it for her so she would stop flashing me and other people at the gym.  She put it on tonight and was beside herself giddy.  I felt it was to low in the front.  It's not going to cover her as much as I hoped.  I may try Target for a higher front sports bra.  After she tried it on she put her tank top back on and said she had to work out so she could see if it works.  After a quick stretch I sent her upstairs for a shower.  Before heading up she pulled her tank top low enough I could see most of her new bra.  Heaven help me.  She's already acting like a teenager.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Massage Needed

I'm so tired.  I could seriously go for a foot massage right now.  Do you remember those water massagers you used to see in malls?  I could use one of those.  My legs, back and arms are sore.  After going to the gym and completing week three of C25K I quickly dropped Kaitlyn Joy off at gymnastics then rushed back to the gym for a shower.  When I was done I picked her up and we went for lunch.  I intended to stop by the church to take care of children's church registration issues, but all our running around didn't leave time for it.  A stop at Home Depot rewarded us with a couple of plants on sale that I had been thinking about buying.  I also got my 10% military discount so win-win.  A stop at the BX (Base Exchange) was pricey, but I got the bricks I needed for the flowerbed.  We came home and got right to work.  I was done long before I finished.  Where I was digging our ground was semi hard.  I was impressed to see we really do have several inches of top soil.  Neal always says it's trash and the builders didn't do anything.  It turns out next to the house they really did burry bits of trash like the chunk of a brick I found today, but a little farther out I dug through topsoil then down to less desirable soil.  Anyway, the bricks I purchased are down.  I knew I would need more, about 12, the rest will hopefully be easier.  The foundation is laid so the extra bricks will just go on top.  I was SOOOOOOO tired when I still had five bricks left.  I kept sitting on the grass pretending I could dig while on my rear.  I would get up, dig the area for a brick, then sit back down only to get back up and do it all again.  I was to tired to even consider sitting down was a bad idea.  I really had to kick my own rear to get the last few bricks down.  Before I was done I sent Kaitlyn Joy upstairs to take a shower.  I was tired, hungry, and dirty.  I decided to eat mystery meat tacos and have a BIG Coca-Cola.  That's kind of my "I don't feel good" meal.  I'm really not sure why.  Whatever I ate my tacos and enjoyed them.  They would have been better though, if they were fresh. =/  Now, where's my massage?

Someone send my husband home.  I'm really tired of muscling everything myself.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


My child rocks!  Today she did all of week 3 day 1 of C25K training with me.  C25K helps you slowly build up to running a 5k (3.2 miles).  It's really not about the speed, but the endurance.  It kicked her tail, but she pulled it off.  Since May I've been working on getting through this program.  However injuring my knees which resulted from running wrong and weak hips has given me several setbacks.  Did you know there's a right way and a wrong way to run?  Shouldn't I lean forward and quickly start putting one foot in front of the other and that be correct?  Apparently not.  And by the way, when I say running I really mean a slow jog.  When running or slow jogging in my case, your heels shouldn't touch the ground.  If they do, you're doing it wrong.  This took some brain training for me, but my knees are grateful for the lesson.

If anyone is wanting to work up to running a 5k I suggest you check out the C25K app.  It starts you out slow and builds.  Each week has three days of running/walking to completely.  If you're not up to a new day or need a lighter challenge you can repeat a previous day.  After so much starting and stopping because of my hips and knees I decided to repeat week 1 day 1 last week.  I barely started when I realized I wasn't enough so I kept running when they said to walk or walked for half the time and started running again.

Alright Kaitlyn Joy has come downstairs after her bath and bedtime has long passed us by.  To Bed With Her!!!