Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Swim

Kaitlyn Joy joined a summer swim league this year. Despite taking three rounds of swim lessons when she was 4-6 years old, Kaitlyn Joy began the summer doing what looked like controlled drowning. It was seriously sad. She definitely improved a lot an even managed to win a couple ribbons. They have a wonky rule that each team will only receive three ribbons for each race, 1st-6th.  There were times when she came in 4th, but didn't get a ribbon because 1st-3rd were her teammates. Oh well... Next year she plans on bringing home more ribbons. She has joined a club swim team that practices three times a week all year long.

Here she is doing her best stroke which is the backstroke.

I have no doubt she'll master the breaststroke soon because they have her do it for most of the club practices.

The best part of swimming this summer was competing with three of her friends.

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