Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kaitlyn Joy's Likes 2014

Christmas is around the corner and some of you have already asked what she likes. I've been procrastinating, sorry. I'm going to break the list into two groups with the last being the shortest. Group #1 are the things she enjoys, loves, plays with or reads most often. Group #2 will be things she says she says she likes, but just to be honest with you I don't believe they'll hold her interest for long. I've purchased enough of group #2 over the years to shy away from them this year.  Just a warning this will be picture heavy.

Group #1

  • My child is a science freak. She finds animal facts, the solar system, and science experiments all fascinating.

 We were at Target recently and found these fun science experiments. Of course Kaitlyn Joy was immediately drawn to them.

  • My child loves to read. This summer she read 2400 minutes timed plus additional minutes on her own. These are some of the series she loves.

 She has this Thea Stilton book plus And The Chocolate Sabotage. They are the girly Geronimo Stilton books.

 Judy Moody, Amelia Bedelia, and Nancy Clancy books have been great readers. She doesn't own any of the books, but we've borrowed some from the library.
Her prize for reading I believe eight books and giving the names of people she would recommend them to and why, Barnes and Noble gave her The Never Girls book #1.

Other books I don't have pictures of that she's been interested in, but hasn't read are:
I Survived... (series) They're books about historical events like the shark attacks of 1916, hurricane Katrina and the Titanic.

Who Was? and What Is? books. She recently got Who Was Abraham Lincoln and Who Was Louis Braille, but hasn't had a chance to read them yet.

She loves The Magic Tree House book series, but we don't collect those because there are over 50 in the series. She's currently on #38, but has already read #39 (oops). Once upon a time we talked about buying these books and we both agreed it's better to just borrow them from the library. #38 is about Leonardo da Vinci.

Our no read book series at this time is Junie B. Jones. They're written like a first grader talks. Some think this is fine, but if you read a lot you know you tend to think and sometimes talk like the current book you're reading. I want to improve her vocabulary, not pull it down.

  • Legos! It should come as no surprise that she loves Legos given Neal and I both loved them as kids. She still plays with the chunky Legos that are for 1-5 year olds. Finally the Lego company wised up to the fact that girls enjoy Legos too and they want them to have adventures. They currently have a jungle rescue line that incorporate two things Kaitlyn Joy loves: Legos and animals. Win-win! They also have Superheros, the Lego Movie and other fun things like horse stables and camping sets.

  • My child loves pajamas. I'm not sure what her fascination is, but if they have pajama bottoms or feet in them she's all over it. She'll ask in the middle of summer if she can wear her footy pajamas to bed. Sure, why not? It was only 102 today.

These Pj's have the bonus of being My Little Pony. She's definitely a My Little Pony fan. She likes basically anything they're on. By the way, she wears a size 8 so we buy her 10's.

  • Like most girls in the US she likes most anything Frozen. Unless it's Olaf or Sven she doesn't care for Frozen dolls of any sort, but she loves all the other merchandise like shirts, cups, necklaces, ect. This school year, after a lot of hunting and finally placing an order with Toys R Us, she has a Frozen lunchbox. She wanted a Frozen backpack, but settled for adding patches of Elsa and Anna to her backpack. Of course while sewing the princesses on I had to also add Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony.

  • To say my child likes to play XBox 360 is an understatement.

She has been wanting these games. She has most Lego games, but not these two.

We've actually pre-ordered the XBox 360 Disney Infinity 2.0 with Merida (from Brave) and Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) with a bonus character of Aladdin. Our plan was to give it to her for Christmas. Well wouldn't you know my child would decide she no longer wanted the Girl of the Year from American Girl now that she's about $2 away from getting the doll and her cat. Noooo, she wants to buy a Disney Infinity 2.0. So there goes the Christmas present. I'll just have her pay for it once it comes in.
With the Disney Infinity... thing (can you tell I know what I'm talking about) you buy characters and place them on the game board and magically they appear on the game screen. This little guy, whom I know nothing about (neither does Kaitlyn Joy), is actually sitting on the board. You can buy all different kinds of Disney characters like the two main characters in Candy Crush and Frozen.

Group #2
If you remember this is the short group of things she says she wants, but I don't believe will last long. It's actually only two things and they're related. I was quite surprised how much the bigger one is. Not. Going. To. Happen.
 This leg hiking dog is $100 or more. Ouch!
 Zoomer's puppy Zuppy is a more reasonable $35.

Blogger isn't enjoying all my picture flooding seeing how they keep making me slowly work each photo down from the top so this concludes Kaitlyn Joy's Likes 2014. I believe I've shared them all anyway. =)

One last random note, her favorite... superhero is Batman, My Little Pony is Rainbow Dash, and color is light blue.

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