Monday, October 31, 2011

Missing You...

Do you ever wonder how things are in heaven?  Today is Sarah and Andrew's due date.  However, they were heaven born at the end of March.  Does God have a womb area were embryos finish growing?  I imagine if they had lived they would probably be about a month old by now.  Kaitlyn Joy was an early bird so given that they were twins I'm sure an early entry would have been inevitable.  Then again, I guess that's kind of what they did.  Do you think people are what we consider "perfect" in heaven?  We can see any limitations as disabilities.  Does God?  Is Andrew "normal" or is he still the same little guy with multiple chromosomes?  Just because someone is different doesn't mean they are suffering.

I have been keeping my eyes open for just the right angel ornaments for the Christmas tree that goes in my room.  I've debated painting them out of ceramic or wood.  I've thought about crocheting some angels or sewing some rag dolls (angels).  However, nothing fit.  They just weren't right.  Then while at Walmart I came across little teddy bear ornaments in pink/blue sweaters.  Perfect!  The bears remind me of the two we have for Sarah and Andrew.  I bought six packages (24 bears).  Well, eight because I bought two, one in pink and the other blue, before deciding to use them on the whole tree.

I wonder when the day will come that I don't think of the twins daily or as of since they entered our lives, multiple time a day?

I miss my babies.

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