Sunday, October 16, 2011

"I want this for Christmas"

EDIT: If it's in red that means someone said they bought it.  I don't mean to be tacky, but I figure it's the best way to prevent the potential double gifting.

Kaitlyn Joy has an annoying "I want" habit.  A couple months ago when she started in on wanting a toy I told her Christmas AND her birthday are to close for her to be asking me to buy her stuff.  Soooo... it has changed to "I want this for Christmas!!!!"  It makes me want to strangle her at times.  Well, not really of course, but I do get tired of hearing it.  When walking down the toy isle at any given store I can hear the phrase 6-8 times minimum.  Ugh!
By the way for all who might be wondering just what Neal may like, he said money.  He wants to buy his own handgun.  It doesn't sound fun to me.

At one point I got tired of hearing what Kj wanted and decided to start taking pictures of her holding the items she likes.  Below are some of the pictures I took a couple weeks ago.

 She thought these slippers at JCP's were the greatest.  Personally I thought they were over priced.  She just liked that they were puppy slippers.
 Is it a stuffed animal of a horse or a bag?  Both I guess, but I'm not sure how much it can really hold.  Every time we are at JCP she drools over them.  She likes the little puppy purses they have too.
 Right now anything My Little Pony (MLP) she likes.  She has two partial McDonald's collections of MLP and that's about it.
 Last week she chased me down the isle holding two packages of MLP that were on scooters I think.  "Look Mommy LOOK!  I want this for Christmas."  Perhaps with these the big deal is her getting the best of both worlds, they are horses (ponies) and small.
Zhu Zhu Pet Castle
For some reason she really likes all the accessories for Zhu Zhu pets.  Of course I do have a couple (hamsters) put away for her for Christmas; the two actually she held up in what would have been the next picture.  I didn't post it because I've already bought them.
Ahhh, Barbie.  She likes Barbie sets like this one.  I know she held this one up because the Barbie is holding a couple dogs.  There has been a commercial on with a condo/motor home(????), I don't know, that Barbie and her friends are hanging out in.  The bed or couch flips over and makes a tub.  What do I hear every time it comes on, "I want that for Christmas!"

Another want I hear a lot about are Littlest Pet Shop.  She seems to like them because they were small. 

One thing about Kj I've really noticed is that she will play with a free or $1 toy more then any others.  She loves her Lego's.  She has smaller ones that we bought her last year and she has some of the bigger chunky ones (1 1/2 to 5 years I believe) that a friend gave us that she got for free from the Airman's Attic.  She LOVES them.  She's always building a tower with the chunky ones.  Her teacher has a treasure chest that she lets the kids dig into from time to time.  Kj has come home with four little toys that she treats like they are the best thing since sliced bread.  They are probably all 2"-3" at the most.  She two dinosaurs, a turtle and most recently a lizard.  Her four friends live in her Lego tower. =)  I could spend $100 on a toy for her, but in the end it's the little things she likes the most.

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