Monday, April 18, 2011

Here For a Moment...

Sarah Elizabeth

Last week we learned Baby A was our little girl, Sarah Elizabeth.  Her chromosomal test showed she was perfectly fine.  To cut the doctor's long explanation short, she got a bug she couldn't beat.  How did she catch this bug?  Only God knows for sure.  Perhaps it was from the embryo transfer; I really don't know.  Neal and I had talked about names very little this time around.  While pregnant with Kaitlyn Joy we talked about the name Elizabeth; Neal really liked it.  We already had a girl and boy named picked out from when we were pregnant with Kj however the first names were to close.  I told Neal if we were having one of each we would have to change the girl name.  I really became fond of Sarah so Sarah Elizabeth she became.

Sarah - Princess
Elizabeth - God is my oath.

Andrew (my maiden name)

Baby B was our little boy, Andrew.  His middle name was to be my maiden name; for privacy I'm not going to post it.  Andrew was a special little guy.  For one he held out the longest before he finally had to give up the fight for his short life.  Andrew had multiple chromosomal abnormalities; one of which led to his passing in early pregnancy.  To give you a brief idea of his health, his most "livable" Trisomy was 13 and most babies die in utero.  Those who survive typically pass before their first birthday. I'm very thankful for Andrew's sake he didn't have to live long with all the complications he was facing.  If he had survived it would have been a constant fight to keep and sustain his life.

Andrew - Manly

I wish I had better photos of Sarah and Andrew, but after six weeks they stopped giving them to me.  I had three more ultrasounds after this one.  At seven weeks Sarah's fetal pole and heartbeat couldn't be found.  At eight weeks Andrew followed his sister.  At nine weeks I had an ultrasound to confirm God hadn't done a supernatural miracle.  We hoped and prayed despite the seven and eight week ultrasounds that at nine weeks at least one would have a heartbeat.  And to think, I thought it would be hard come October to only bring one baby home.  I'm curious when God takes them home early how old they are in Heaven?  Are they babies?  Does he have an embryonic nursery in Heaven?  However God works it, I know Sarah and Andrew are in good company with their 23 other brothers and sisters.


Lynae said...

i am sorry for your baby's the girl name is so cute and the boy name is so cute too.


Renee Nawrot said...

I'm so sorry for your loss... God Bless you and your family...

Hilary said...

praying for you guys..

Hilary said...

P.S. The names are beautiful