Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Yesterday we took Kaitlyn Joy to see Hop.  I thought she wasn't enjoying the movie, but later realized she was tired and acted distracted because she was trying to stay awake.  As we are leaving she's telling us how it was a great movie.  Now fast forward to this morning.  I was going to get up early to hide the eggs, but ended up going out at 7:15 this morning.  Surprisingly Kj wasn't up yet.  A little while after I hid the eggs she came running into our room saying there are two eggs hiding in the backyard and what their color was.  She was beside herself excited that the Easter Bunny came.  I want to put in a little disclaimer, we do not teach Kj that the Easter Bunny is real.  We've talked a lot lately about how Easter isn't about eggs, bunnies, and candy, but Jesus dying on a cross for our sins and rising again on the third day.  Also, I hid the eggs early so she wouldn't have to wait on me to hide them; not so she would think the EB put them there.  After spotting the eggs and telling us about them I quickly got her dressed.  Expecting her to see her Easter basket on the coffee table we went her downstairs for her sandals.  I was surprised when she bypassed the coffee table and ran to the backdoor to look for more eggs.  I reminded her to go get shoes then had Neal stick her basket out the backdoor.  When we opened the door she saw her basket.  I'm not big on giving her candy so she didn't have a big chocolate bunny waiting in her basket.  I was actually going to wrap everything in pink paper and let her find everything with the eggs, cut at the last minute I put it all in her basket.  To skip the bulk of the candy I put flower pots and seeds in the basket as well as a little toy chick, a Slinky, Silly Putty, the movie Cats And Dogs.  She also got Fruit Roll-Ups, a couple different kinds of 100 calorie treats and Ring Pops.

We had to make her empty her basket before hunting for eggs.  The girl wanted to get the eggs BAD.  Do only children run to get the eggs as quickly as they can or is that a learned trait by hunting with other kids?  They run!  In the end she really enjoyed herself.  With us using the bigger eggs we are able to put small toys in them.  I learned with bent legs you can fit a Mini Lalaloopsy into the eggs.  Kj now has the complete collection.


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Hilary said...

AWE how fun and what GREAT pictures!!! The family one is just AMAZING :) Yes I really do think all kids least mine did too ;)