Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Kaitlyn must have her daily cheese. Some times even if she has already had it she will beg for more. We took this video a couple days ago. Kaitlyn had cheese earlier in the day, but it wasn't enough. She is trying to get her fingers between the seal and fridge to open the door. She has been working on perfecting her door opening abilities for a couple months now. Neal said once she figures it out we will have to get a child lock for the fridge. I believe he is right. You may have to turn up your volume to hear her say "Cheese, cheese, cheese...". By the way we don't normally let her run around in a diaper, but we have had really hot days and with no AC we decided she could sport a diaper in the house. One day I let her greet Neal at the door and he started to panic with worry that our neighbors may think we let her run around like this all the time. hehehe... I told you we never allow it. LOL... Oh, do you like her special ponytail in the video? That will tell you how hot it is. She doesn't have thick hair, but I pulled it up half hazard to help keep her cooler.


Hilary said...

I feel Kaitlyn's pain..i have to have my daily cheese too :)

Anonymous said...

You'd better get that child lock for the fridge now. My all time favorite post of yours is December 3, 2007. I just went back and visited that picture again. It still makes me laugh!