Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Clothes

A couple days ago I finished Kaitlyn's Tiered Dress by Belle Elysse Boutique. The fabric sure is bright, but I like the results. Originally I was going to put ruching between the tiers with the same fabric as the bodice. I believe I have ruled that out now. Oh, who knows I may stop being lazy and tackle it. I have yet to try ruching.
Here's Kaitlyn in another pair of Boutique Bottoms by Sew Sensible. I make these so much I no longer read the instructions. Maybe that's more a testament to how easy her patterns are rather then my memory. These pants have bears on them. I attached a bear from the fabric up on her shirt and zigzag stitched around it. Of course no outfit would be complete without a matching clip or bow.

If you want to know how to make it do what I did. Hehehe... I traced the design off the computer. Yep, I saw, I liked, I made. As you can see miss bear is about 3" tall and 2" wide. She has four loops for a body and three for a head. The original bear had three rhinestones glued on for a necklace. I had these pink/purple beads and they matched the pants I made for Kaitlyn so I used them for a necklace. The bear really doesn't need anything around it's neck, but it did give it that little something extra to girly-girl it up. I used a two tone ribbon on it's head; I had it and have never used it so I thought this was would be a good chance to use some.

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Hilary said...

Her dress is soooo cute!! Love the colors and pattern...the bear..he's adorable..You and your talents girl! :)