Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blah, Blah, Blah

My blog has been sitting here while I debate about a pending post; Kaitlyn Joy's likes.  Yeah she likes stuff.  Who cares?  I'll let the grandparents scramble.  Actually they seem to have it figured out even though we live hundreds of miles apart.  I'll give one hint to anyone looking for a gift she'll love that won't break the bank.  She likes the kids craft kits that you can find at every craft store.  The bonus is craft stores typically have coupons making the kits $8-$12.  Target puts them on sale often enough and Wal-Mart... well they sell them, but I've never seen them on sale.  They all have bags you can color, necklaces to make, sewing and painting projects.  All a winner with Kaitlyn Joy.

On to real life now.  I'm having one of those nights where I debate about posting something on Facebook, but can't decide what.  I guess that means I really need something to do.  On a random not, Neal's birthday is in 20 days, Kaitlyn Joy's is in 38 days and Christmas is in 39 days.  Some days it feels like time is dragging by and then I find myself almost a month away from Christmas.  Of course this means Neal will be home for R&R soon.  This is the longest he's ever been away.  It's time.  Kaitlyn Joy asked me three times today how many more days it will be until he gets home.

My almost 7 year old has shot up 2" since Neal left.  Next summer she should be able to ride everything at a Six Flags theme park.  Unfortunately the one nearest to us seems to have their lines slightly higher than they say.  She may need to grow 4.5" instead of 3.5" just to make sure she hits the line.  If nothing else Neal will be home so I'll get to ride everything.  By the way she's 50.5"; 89% for girls her age.

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