Monday, August 5, 2013

Nail Polish Woes

On Saturday I pulled out the nail polish to replace the polish on my toes I had removed earlier in the week.  While painting mine I also touched up Kaitlyn Joy's toes that I had just painted the day before.  She had managed to knock half the paint off of one big toe.  So here I go, base coat, color, color, top coat, all done.  I head downstairs cautioning Kj to be careful not to mess up her nails.  I sit on the couch and immediately I have a fur ball, Maggie, snuggle up between my feet.  I made her move, but it was to late.  The polish on both big toes was messed up. =/  That dog!  I didn't fix it before church.  To top it all off Kj messed up her polish too.  Perhaps I should replace hers before gymnastics tomorrow.

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