Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Like Father Like Daughter

As much as they like to deny it, Kaitlyn Joy and Neal are a lot alike.  Since Neal's been off playing in the "sandbox" Kj has been taking his place in leaving shoes out in dark places.  Tell me it's not fun to stumble into your garage, catching yourself a split second before you fall off the landing onto the garage floor.  I mean really, that's totally awesome.  At least Neal and Kj seem to think it's awesome.  I jump out and scare them, they leave shoes out for me to trip over.  While pregnant I tripped over Neal's shoes many times in our crazy dark entryway.  And before you ask why I didn't just turn a light on, the only switch was next to the front door.  Instead of sticking his shoes to the side, he would put them right in the walkway even blocking the doorway to the restroom right next to the front door.  I caught the wall many times to prevent myself from falling down.  Now that Neal's gone, Kj is putting her shoes in the middle of the walkway and (grrrrrrrrr) I stumble over them all the time.  I step out into a dark garage and (BAMB) I'm grabbing the door frame to keep from falling off the landing.

So last night...  I'm laying in bed when Kj suddenly comes in saying something.  I asked what was wrong and she couldn't tell me.  I told her she should go back to bed so off she went.  I hollered after her saying to turn off the lights, but she didn't respond.  I had to get up and do it myself.  When I got to her room she was already asleep.  Tonight when she was going to bed I was giving her a hard time about getting out of bed and not turning the lights off.  She didn't know what I was talking about.  Of course.  Like father, like daughter.  I told her what she did and she kept saying she didn't do it.  That's what Neal says too.

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