Thursday, July 25, 2013

Holy Sports Bras Batman!

I've discovered high impact sports bras are important when you're running.  Your girls need support and frankly running makes them hurt.  Last weekend Kaitlyn Joy and I went to the Under Armour outlet store.  I had to find a high impact sports bra.  I don't like the price tag on them, but this is important.  Now tell me why do they put zippers on them?  Do they need a zipper?  I can get a medium impact sports bra on without a zipper.  And just to side track ladies joke - sort of- about the workout you get from putting on a sports bra.  I've mastered the art of squeezing into to spandex so the bras don't phase me.  I did give up wearing the spandex tops with shelf bras in them.  It's one thing to get the bra and top on, but after a hard workout getting them off takes an act of congress.  After standing in the gym shower one day declaring the top had to rot off because I was to tired and sore to take it off, I started wearing Under Armour tanks

Alright, Under Armour's high impact sports bra with a zipper.  I'm in the dressing room with Kj whose face is in the corner; for a moment anyway.  She thinks it's funny to turn around with her eyes closed while I freak out on her. (rolls eyes)  You put the thing on like a vest, a very tight vest, then attempt to zip it up.  Notice I said attempt.  The biggest challenge after getting the zipper to meet is to get it started.  Heaven help me.  Kj was doing circles in the corner while I'm fighting to keep the seams together and zip the stupid thing up.  I know why it has a zipper now, it would be impossible to get on without one.  I'm sure Neal would have loved to be there for the crazy show.  On the other hand if he had been there Kj wouldn't have been in the dressing room playing lets drive mommy nuts.  Whatever.  I bought it and after wearing it three times it's getting easier to zip.  It still feels like a tiny vest when I initially try to put it on, but at least I can zip it with little to no trouble.  And BTW, it works.  I tested it out in the dressing room by running in place and jumping around - much to Kj's embarrassment.   I call that revenge. 

And now there's another new sports bra in the house and it belongs to Kj.  That girl!  I bought it for her so she would stop flashing me and other people at the gym.  She put it on tonight and was beside herself giddy.  I felt it was to low in the front.  It's not going to cover her as much as I hoped.  I may try Target for a higher front sports bra.  After she tried it on she put her tank top back on and said she had to work out so she could see if it works.  After a quick stretch I sent her upstairs for a shower.  Before heading up she pulled her tank top low enough I could see most of her new bra.  Heaven help me.  She's already acting like a teenager.

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