Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm starting to realize Facebook robs us of our memories.  Because I can quickly share a picture or a quick thought it's easy to not put anything on here.  However, if you're a FB user you know it's not easy to go back and find an event unless a picture was with it.  Sigh...  With all that said...

Kaitlyn Joy has gaming issues.  That child, heaven help her, she kills me.  When she's winning she's doing victory "dances" and trash talking.  When she's losing she's crying and demanding we start over.  We were playing Chutes & Ladders a couple days ago and she hit a little ladder.  She really didn't want to slide down, but it was short so she got over it.  We both climbed some ladders and went down some slides when I hit a big slide then the cheering started.  Moments later she hit the biggest slide and refused to go down.  The crying started.  She blocked the slide with her hand so I slid the piece over her hand and took it to the bottom of the slide.  She demanded we start over multiple times.  Over course her next spin would take her up the tallest ladder putting her not just at the top, but ahead of me.  Ugh!  I'm just as competitive as she is only I can't show it.  So it was killing me that she was suddenly winning.  And then it happened...  I hit the final ladder and climbed into the winner square.  She was MAD.  Again, being the parent I had to play it cool.  I had to remind her it's just a game and she was beating me until I hit that last ladder.  She didn't buy it.

Over the last few nights her and I play a round of Battle Ludo (Trouble) on my phone before she goes to sleep.  Tonight, at almost three hours passed bedtime she said, "I think we have time for one game".  I reminded her of the hour then said we could play a round if she wouldn't be a crybaby and if she would have a good attitude when I beat her.  Yep I said when.  Hehehe...  I also told her I was going to jump on her every chance I got.  Typically she's ruthless when playing Battle Ludo, but I'm not allowed to be.  I jumped on her a couple times, but she pulled in the lead till the very end when I beat her.  Oh the tears and demands that we start again.  I find it interesting she's just as competitive as me, yet she's never seen me play a game and act like she does.  I'm pretty sure my friend Lisa would get a big kick out of her.  Her and I've played some heated games of Monopoly.  The heat of course was on my side. =)

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