Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Little Crowded

My child is so awesome she grows two rows of teeth.  At her dental appointment last month I was told to make her an orthodontist appointment for August.  Now take a good look into her mouth.  Her six year molars are in, but notice they're still partially covered by her gums.  Sure she has lost her front four bottom teeth and currently all four of the adult teeth have at least cut, but do you see anything an orthodontist can really do?  Sure they could pull the next two teeth in line, but you know that means two more teeth are going to come in.  Mom told me that her teeth would one day fall out and when I see the adult teeth coming in I would think, "those are not going to fit."  Well guess what, they don't fit!  Unfortunately the situation isn't any better on top.  She has lost one top tooth, the adult tooth is already coming in.  Now she's complaining that the next tooth (not 2nd front tooth) is hurting.  It's loose.  She's going to be toothless soon.  Either that or have to many teeth to reasonably fit in her mouth.  I guess we can see the bottom is already full.


Anonymous said...

My son who is now9 has started growing teeth behind his baby teeth. He has lost 3 baby teeth 2 is growing in place one is alil cricket so he must be having a small prob with his lil mouth being to crowed as well. Has her teeth gotten any better?

Jennifer said...

She has lost two more teeth on the bottom and it's helped the back teeth come in. The two that were in the back are now sideways and have slid forward. I plan on call an orthodontist next week. I just got a recommendation for one that my dentist uses. She said orthos work hard now days to not pull any teeth. The earlier you get them in the better chance they have at getting things moved and expanded. The roots of my front four teeth on top have been shortened by aggressive moving by my orthodontist. One tooth completely lost it's roots and over 20 years after getting my braces, I had to have it removed. I'm currently waiting on the implant crown to be placed. I plan on being very vocal with my daughter's orthodontist about this.