Monday, June 10, 2013


Kaitlyn Joy and I both have a big fear of spiders.  I've joked that I married Neal so he could kill spiders (and other bugs) for me.  Here's the problem... she can't know I'm afraid of them.  I have to be the bigger person.  I was hoping to make them sound like their no big deal and in turn get her to kill them.  I could be a win-win for me. =)  Two bug killers in the house!  However, that's not to be.  She's not just scared, but she FREAKS out over the smallest ones.  I may barely see something run across the floor and she's plastered against a wall or standing on a chair starting to hyperventilate. Tonight she got in the shower and began to panic.  I NEEDED to get her some toilet paper so she could kill a spider.  This was after saying, "Kill it! Kill it!  Kill it!" several times.  I was cracking up!  I kept telling her to kill it.  She told me to kill it or hand her tp and I reminded her I was downstairs.  She said she would have to cross the spider.  I decided to grab my camera and record the exchange.  The only problem was once I started up the stairs and she realized I was getting closer so she calmed down.

Ahhhh!!!!  I tried to upload the video I shot which was mostly the floor while Kaitlyn Joy was over the top dramatic to what turned out to be a spider smaller then a pencil, but for reasons beyond me Blogger wouldn't upload it.  Although I tried to play it cool, at the end the tiny spider started running towards my hand.  Keep calm, turn off the camera, walk away from the bug.  It didn't lose it's life.  I was to busy trying not to freak out when it ran at me that after turning the camera off I couldn't find. =(

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