Monday, June 10, 2013

Build-a-Bear Party

A beary funny dance
We went to a birthday party at Build-a-Bear and had a good time.  I expected the party to go quick, but after finishing the stuffed animals and eating in the food court 2.5 hours had passed.  And the kids had their food waiting for them.  I also expected them to charge the party girl's parents everything and we needed to take care of anything over with them.  However, they were very organized.  After stuffing the animals they had the kids line up and one at a time they told them how much money was left for them to spend and pointed where they could look for that price range.  At the end they called all the parents up whose kids went over - us of course - and had them pay however much they were over.  In doing this the party parents didn't pay a dime more then expected other than what their own child got.  Over all I was impressed.  I didn't even see them ask the kids what they wanted to name their animals, but suddenly they came up with birth certificates and boxes.  It was a good experience.  Kaitlyn Joy told me before we even went that she wanted to go there next year.  She didn't know it, but we were going to go take her there a couple months ago for her sixth birthday.  Perhaps next year....
And these two, Heaven help us!  Like Landon's mom said, their just really good buds who are really very comfortable with each other.

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