Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sea World

I tried to post this on December 9th, but my computer was being special; I couldn't upload the photos.  There's a new laptop in town so here's the Sea World post!

Kaitlyn Joy and I went to Sea World yesterday.  Neal's out of town so it was the perfect time to use those two ticket we got from adopting Rex.  Hey he may be gone, but we did our time.  We earned those tickets. =)

 Because we skipped all shows last time because Kaitlyn Joy wanted to try out all the kid attractions and rides, our first stop this time was the Shamu show.  And guess what...  Kj got to be one of the two kids who goes down and gets the whales to do a few tricks.

 Here they are getting her to wave at the whale so it will wave it's fin back at her.

 Eventually they got him to wave his tail at us and splash Kj and the trainer.
 Kj was wanting one of those Shamu Santa hats and I told her no hoping she might get picked and would then get a hat.  So here she is showing the fruits of her adventure.  And yes on December 8th she was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt; it's Texas remember!
 She was FINALLY tall enough to ride the Steel Eel.  Technically she's 47.5", but her shoes bumped her up to the 48" requirement.  Note to other parents of kids close to the cut off, grab the yellow pad you wrap around the lap bar.  They didn't offer one we had to get it ourselves.  On her first ride she didn't have the pad and after wrapping herself around the bar her chest hurt.

 It was a long, long day.  If you can't stay awake long enough to eat ice cream, you don't get any. =/
She has tried to tell me she didn't fall asleep on the toilet that she was just tired, but this picture doesn't lie.
The one thing I think is really cool about Sea World is they're not afraid to say "Merry Christmas".  They sing and play all Christmas carols.  I guess if you're going at Christmas time you know it will be the theme at the park so you better not get your panties in a knot.

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