Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Calendar

After much debating and finally admitting I didn't have time to make an advent calendar I decided on stuffing bags.  I really wish I bought these a couple days ago or even yesterday, but today will have to do.
For a lovely 50% off I bought a package of 24 bags at Hobby Lobby.  I know Santa's head is mostly white, but out of all my bag choices this bag appeared to be the least translucent.  I numbered each bag at the bottom of Santa's beard.  I stuffed the bags with both stocking stuffers (small toys, lip gloss, ect) and candy.  So instead of a stocking Kaitlyn Joy will be getting one thing a day until Christmas.

After stuffing the bags I folded the tops, taped them down, punched a hole then debated.  How to display them?  How to display?  I could drape them across our double window in the living room?  No, Kj would be to short to reach the bags.  I could hang the bags from long pieces of yard on either side of our small window?  No...  Then I remembered our bare bottom tree.  I wanted to buy a white tree skirt today, but I wasn't willing to pay $20 for one even though that was the half off price. 
So I tied yarn onto each bag and hung them under the tree.  I like it.  I should explain we have three trees.  Our gifts go under our 7' tree.  Kj has a pink 3' tree in the play room.  This is our 4' bear tree.  There are 26 bears on the tree; one for each of our children.

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