Friday, November 30, 2012

I Like =)

Alright, I'm stooping to a lame adult wish list that I'm going to call "things that make to do a double take". Hmm... that's not quite right. Well... Something I drool over whenever I'm in Academy or the Base Exchange are Under Armour workout tanks.
If you've ever worked out in a tshirt you know that once you get sweaty the shirt gets heavy.  Yuck!  And it stays wet.  Yuck!  Yuck!  I used to always wear spandex tops to the gym, but one time while standing in the shower trying to muster up the energy to peal the shirt off I debated allowing it to disintegrate.  That's when I made the switch to these tops.  I love them!  Even though the colors appear limited online, they come in several shades and colors.  I would really like a pink or purple top.  I've drooled over them many times, but have yet to buy one in either color.  I wear a large.

I love these shorts, but they're hard to find in 7".  I have one pair that I seek out.  Because these are spandex I buy them bigger (XL).  I figure unless I'm a small having them a size larger won't make them to big.

And yes I do like Under Armour.  There are cheaper versions of these two, but that's just it, they're cheaper.  Under Armour's quality surpasses the competition.  Another bonus is they support the Wounded Warrior Project.

I would really like a charm bracelet.  Not this one though.  I know many companies sell charms, but James Avery is the only one I've looked at.
I like this charm.  It reminds me of spring time and new beginnings.  I think of the twins when I see it; their little spirits flying away.  They really like their charms though ($$). =/
They sell different kinds of butterfly charms.
They sell different "Hope" charms which I love.
Check this out, it's the key of promise.  Notice it's a cross that makes the "unique" key code.  James Avery has several neat charms.

Alright, if I haven't been random enough here's a little something I tend to put EVERYWHERE and yet can't find them at times.  They also break, but are really good so I stick with them.  Are you ready for it?
Yep those are elastics.  They are "Slide Proof" or "Stay Put" as this package says.  They are bigger and do a great job of not sliding in your hair.  They come in more neutral colors like these and also in bright colors; I have both.

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