Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some of Kaitlyn Joy's Likes

Kaitlyn Joy's birthday is coming up right on top of Christmas so how about some hints on what she likes?

While walking through Target I snapped some photos of things Kj goes to or talks about.  Here's a handful of photos...  By the way, we're getting her the Barbie Dreamhouse for Christmas.

 This was actually taken at Walmart.

 She loves the colored hair on these Barbies.  She had one with purple hair once upon a time, but Rex ate it's arms off.
 She has been excited to see they came out with another large pony.  She has the other one.
 She loves getting clothes for her 18" doll and anything ballet and gymnastics.  Of course she likes the dressy dresses too.
 At a birthday party we went to this summer we gave the little girl one of these.  Ever since the party she has pointed this out as we pass it.
Bought it!
Ahh the slushy... thing.  She must have seen a commercial for this because she wants one.  She also points out the slipper with the flopping ears.  Tonight when I was walking out of her room she told me to go look up the light up pillow and blanket on the computer.  Yeah, no. =p

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