Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bye-Bye Christmas Vacation

Ahhh... I hate to see Christmas vacation end.  Neal has taken off work until the 10th, but Kaitlyn Joy goes back to school tomorrow.  I've enjoyed sleeping in even if that only means 7:30-8:00.  There were a couple days when our whole house slept until 9:30.  I'm guessing 6:25 is going to come much to early for me in the morning.

I've read five novels since school let out.  The one I finished today I knew was the first of I think six short story novels, but I was so caught up in the story that the "who shot JR" ending took me off guard.  Okay I know who "shot", but I don't know if the person died.  Lovely.  I wonder how many more months I have to wait for the next mini novel???

Today our 2nd & 3rd grade Children's Church class was packed.  That's how you know the holidays are over.  16 kids!  Ach!  If we have that many next week we will have to split the 2nd and 3rd graders up.  Splitting them is the only way to get our "small group" time in. 

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