Thursday, July 5, 2012


We went camping a couple weeks ago and these were the only pictures we took...

This was actually on our way camping.  We had stopped at a sporting goods store to buy a screened in shelter for the picnic table and this greeted us when we came out.  Excellent.  It looks like a perfect time to go camping.  Given that it only rained for a short time right after we arrived, it wasn't so bad.
 Everything at the park on the campgrounds, was TO HIGH!!!  In our first neighborhood in England they put on of these in the new neighborhood park.  The ground was at the bottom of the joint on the "leg"; at least a foot closer to the ground.  The stairs leading up to the play equipment was really high too.  I had a hard time getting up on it.  By the way, I helped her get her belly on it.

I believe Neal has video of her actually swinging around on this.  I had swung on it first before she wanted to try it.  I got it to swing pretty far, but never all the way around.

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