Thursday, July 5, 2012


We had an impromptu visit to the dentist this week.  By the way, the glasses belong to her dentist.  They give the kids sunglasses to wear to keep stuff out of their eyes.  She loved the "shinies" on them.  Kaitlyn Joy lost her first tooth two weeks ago and we noticed the adult tooth coming in this week.  The problem is, her mouth is so small that the tooth is coming in behind all her baby teeth.  From the X-rays it looks like the second bottom tooth will be doing the same thing soon.  The dentist said to prevent her from needing to have baby teeth pulled she needs to wiggle out any loose teeth.  As for the adult tooth going behind, there's just not room for it.  It went into the only open space.  It's big enough to fill the gap plus about half the baby tooth next to it.

Kaitlyn Joy has done something that my brother and I couldn't; she made it to losing her first tooth while being cavity free.  She may also do another first.  Neal and I both wore braces so three years ago when the dentist said to start saving now I wasn't surprised.  However, at our last appointment we were told to prepare for two sets of braces.  The dentist said because her mouth is so small, she may need braces.  This week he told me if he sends her for early braces, he won't do it until she has all four adult teeth across the top.

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