Monday, July 9, 2012

Gruene, Texas

We went to Gruene, TX over the weekend.  The main street wasn't very big, but had some handmade stores and antiques.  In one store they baked pecans several different ways.  It made me think of my great-grandfather who had several pecan trees.

This wood shop made several mantels out of different types of wood.  They also had a dinning set and bed frame among other things.

Near the wood shop was a boutique that sold all kinds of things.  My favorite was this headband.  Kaitlyn Joy really liked this purple one.
We went into a house that sold antiques and new wind chimes.  The chimes had a wonderful sound and a pretty price tag to match.  This one was small compared to the two they had hanging in the tree out front.
 Sure this doesn't look big up against the tree, but it was HUGE!!!!  I would guess it was as tall as me.  This was the bigger of the two.
After walking into all the stores we stopped for something to eat.  Kj was bored so we started taking random photos.
She really wanted to play Angry Birds, but Neal, the only one with it on his phone, wanted to surf the net.  I told her to show me her best Angry Birds face and this is what I got.  I think she was being a pig.
He FINALLY decided to let her play and this is the pose they struck.  Our food arrived less than a minute later.  I must say the turkey sandwich was delicious and HUGE.  I ordered the full sandwich so I could split it with Kj and it was plenty.
I've been having a Peeping Tom problem in public restrooms.  We've talked many times on how this isn't polite, but I don't think I'm getting through to her.  She would jump when I quickly ran my finger at the crack in the door.  She didn't even know my finger wouldn't fit in the gap.

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