Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Neal has been talking about V8 so I decided to give it a try.  Now if you know me well you might just know if I REALLY don't like something I can't stomach it; it WILL come up.  I decided to chill the bottle first hoping the colder it is the easier it will be to drink it.  Yesterday I pulled it out, measured 8 oz (want to make sure I get my full serving) and prepared to drink it.  Seeing how when you're congested you can't taste anything, I decided to pinch my nose while drinking it.  I assumed I could get it down, but was worried about the after taste.  I pealed a banana so it would clean my mouth and give me a pleasant taste after downing the drink.  Being very careful not to smell the stuff I pinched my nose and started drinking.  My first thought was how great it was that I couldn't taste it and the texture was okay.  Then it happened.  Almost immediately really.  My stomach started heaving.  I was arguing with myself that I couldn't taste it so why was I rejecting it????  My stomach said it didn't matter that what went down must come up.  ((sigh))  In the middle of losing my drink I let go of my nose.  Oh my goodness, bad move!  I felt sick for the rest of the evening.  Worse yet, ever so often I could taste the nasty stuff.  So, V8 can go into the same category as tomatoes and coffee; things that make me vomit.

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