Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Allergies Kicking Tail

After such a careful weekend of giving Kaitlyn Joy allergy medicine, she's sick. =(  Yesterday, we spent a large chunk of the day downtown San Antonio waiting on Neal to fly in.  His plane was delayed several hours because of bad weather in Dallas (connecting flight).  By the time he finally landed Kj and I were tired.  We had walked all over the mall and several other stores.  Of course he made it here without a bag.  While he was filling out a lost bag report Kj and I headed to the car.  I heard her buckle and tighten her seat belt so I started to back out.  I turned around and looked and she was sleeping.  She fell asleep immediately.  It takes a lot for her to sleep in the car.  By the time we got her home her fever was right at 102.5.  Today was better, but she still had a fever, plus a sore throat.  I made her a PB&J sandwich for lunch and she didn't come down for it until after 5pm because she feel asleep.  Hopefully she feels better tomorrow.  If not I'm getting her a doctor's appointment.

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createdtobehis helpmeet said...

Hi Jennifer,
I read your post on the HA blog and my heart goes out to you. I pray that you and your husband hang in there and work things out when he returns. My son, Dave's brother, was also in law enforcement...the Lord worked things out for him to get out...his heart was so engaged in it that it was truly a miracle...he is now at Sky Ranch here in TX. God can move mightily. I pray he will in your lives and allow your husband to see the awesome responsibility God has given him as a husband and dad. May God watch over him, keep him safe as he serves our country. Keep the faith!
In Him,
Mrs. Hasz