Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Face Mask

Who thought there would still be a first to hit at four?  Okay, she still hasn't driven a car, voted, or heaven help us - dated, but on the smaller scale whats new for a four year old?  Anyway, we put on a face mask last week.  Now I want to say I don't think it's far she typically wakes up with great hair, she looks wonderful without an effort, and with a clay mask on she's still adorable.  Don't you wish we could all say that?  One night I took out her braids and sent her to bed without washing her hair (yes, she took a bath).  I couldn't believe she didn't have ANY braid waves the next morning.  My hair would have looked like I just took them out.  *sigh*  Not fair.  Mom was my hair like that as a preschooler?

Perhaps I should put more on her next time so she won't be able to move her face.  LOL...

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