Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Invitations Are Out

Today Kaitlyn Joy took a backpack full of invitations to school with her.  With each invitation we included a Build-A-Bear size shorts or skirt depending if it was going to a boy or girl.  I actually laid out a pair of BaB shorts and traced them to make a pattern piece.  They by no means were perfect, but they looked really good.  We asked all the kids to bring their favorite stuffed furry friend; I didn't want to put "furry friend" and end up with peoples pets at our house.  LOL...  I'm thinking about going to BaB and buying plain t-shirts for the kids decorate.  I'm still debating that one.  Besides her 11 school friends Neal is supposed to invite a couple guys from work who have kids Kj's age.  One guy is about to move and in the middle of a divorce so I'm not sure if he can make it.  Neal said the other guy keeps hitting him up to get the girls together.  I honestly don't know who he is.  I did a big debate about inviting a handful of MOPS moms, but... I'm not sure.

Kj has been asking me every day if her school friends are coming over "now".  Today I finally told her she has four more days of school before they come over.  If this party flops I'm really not sure what I'll do next year.  Perhaps I'll talk Neal into sleeping in the bouncy castle Saturday night if it doesn't go well.  LOL... Kj might like that. =D

My child...  She put on three pairs of jeans this morning until we found a pair that fit.  The first pair were short and could snap if I made her stay uncomfortable all day.  When she put the second pair on and I could perfectly see both ankles I told her to take them off before she even tried snapping them.  I think the difference in the ones that didn't fit and those that did was the smaller ones were 5t.  There must really be something to them being toddlers.  As of last fall I was still buying from both the toddlers and big girls, but we have officially moved on.  Size 6 dresses fit great and if they are big, they're forgiving.  Anything that must fit in the waist (shorts, skirts, pants) are big on her.  She has one skirt that if she didn't wear knit tights with them she might loose them. =)  I need to take them in.

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