Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

I've asked the child several times recently what she wants for her birthday.  Although I find some of her answers odd, they are consistant.  She can really make me scratch my head and wonder where her answers come from. 

She told me she wants skates.
Seeing how she's never been roller skating I'm not sure where she got the idea for these.  It was Christmas or her last party she asked me for these then too.

Her second request switches between a dog and a cat.

She has two of these Russ cats in white and a small orange tabby one.  They were the best $9.99 and $5.99 (Hobby Lobby) we ever spent.
Last year Jeremy bought her the large Russ Beagle on his way to her party.  Her "Uncle Jeremy dog" still is one of her favorites.  She often asks me for one of it's smaller versions when we are at Hobby Lobby.

Her third request I really find odd.  She's a fan of Cat in the Hat and for some reason has started asking for the movie.  I don't think she knows there's an actual CitH movie.  She watches the cartoons each day before school.  I'm assuming that's what she has in mind when she says she wants the "movie".

These are the only items she mentions when I ask what she wants.  When we go shopping she can point out quite a few things.  Hehehe...

After Grandma gave her Sugar Crumb, the baking Lalaloopsy doll for Christmas, she became interested in them. 
Lalaloopsy came out with a smaller version (3" tall) that Kaitlyn Joy is smitten with.
She has begged for this ferris wheel since it first came out.  I finally bought it for her as a birthday present.  The little Lalaloopsy girls can ride in the tea cups.

Here are the little girls.  They are a whooping $5 at Walmart.  Because their price seems more reasonable then most things Kj falls for I don't mind getting them for her.  She has the three on the bottom right; painter girl, school girl, and circus girl.  There's a 9th mini doll now.

After searching four Target stores for the Mini Easter Lalaloopsy doll I finally found one.  I had to give them the item number which sent them searching in the back until they came out with it.  Woohoo!

To go along with her Mini Lalaloopsy girls we went to Michael's and bought to CD shelves that look like two story houses. 
I'm sorry, I couldn't find a raw image of the houses/CD cases so here's an image of our work in progress.  The images above are actually of two CD cases put together.  You can buy a single case (two shelves or rooms) for $5.99 at Michael's.  The size is perfect for the mini Lalaloopsy dolls.  Don't mind all the blue tape, I was painting the purple and pink rooms earlier and taped off to keep the lines clean.

A little history on this house.  When everything started going to hell in a hand basket... ummm, I mean when our babies died and we were left with the "go home and wait for them to pass" I needed something to keep my mind off being pregnant with dead babies.  I most certainly didn't care to sew; especially with my next planned (fabric purchased) projects being baby blankets.  I didn't care to crochet on the baby blanket I had been working on since I had started the stimulation shots.  Painting a small house seemed like a great idea.  Kj and I returned some things to Walmart.  One item was a gift of hers she never openned because we (Neal and I) didn't want her having it; don't ask what it was or who gave it.  I'll just say we told her it wasn't pleasing to God and she happily went along with it being returned.  With gift card from the return she purchased her first two mini Lalaloopsy dolls; the painter and circus girls.  We then went to Michael's where I bought the two houses.  My brother has done a great job in picking gifts Kj loves.  Not only the stuffed dog last year, but he gave her the Veggie Tales castle for Christmas this year and two years ago the Little People Castle.  As you know she loves playing with the dog, but the kid is a freak for doll houses.  She plays with the two castles together.  I believe it was the Christmas she was one that we gave her the Little People house. 

Anyway, back to the cd case/house.  Because the girls are quite colorful I first painted the houses purple and the windows yellow.  Somewhere in the middle of the painting Neal and I started to brainstorm.  We both thought it would be a good idea to pop the windows off one side of both houses along with the eves and glue them together.  We cut the window areas out making them doorways.  In the end we cut the chimeny off one house.  And just like that we had one four room house.  This would have been finished a long time ago, but the purple house with yellow windows just didn't pop like I wanted it to.  I grabbed some blue tape and put it at wonky angles to make a red and purple striped house.  Well grrr...  It came out looking like a circus tent.  I know one of the girls is the circus girl, but goodness.  I put off doing anything else until I finally remembered to buy some white spray paint.  Now that she's been white washed I painted it pink, white windows, with a black roof.  I think the girls are fun colors, but they also have a lacy-girly side.  We are doing the "wild" colors on the inside.

Now, to go along with the tiny house we need tiny furniture.  So to add to our list of Lalaloopsy items...
A girl with a cookie table and chairs, tea cups, tea pot, and mouse pet.  LOL.. Kj just came up and asked, "Can we get that?!!"
Then there's this girl.  She comes with her bedroom set.  The best part is they are only $9.99 at WallyWorld.

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