Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Party Time

We've put things off long enough, it's time we focus on Kaitlyn Joy's birthday party.  We decided not to do it over the summer because no one shows up.  Her school will be really busy next month so May is out.  I wanted to do it the first Saturday in April (last weekend) because it would be the best one away from all the April activities.  However with all the pregnancy issues going on we never planned.  Seeing how my D&C was on Friday; Saturday really would have been a bad day.  We've decided to do it on the 16th which hopefully doesn't conflict with anything else.

Because time is short, today I have to buy invitations, see about renting a bouncy castle, and decide on a theme/color, something.

I hope we have a decent turn out of her school friends.  She's been looking forward to this since her actual birthday.

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