Monday, March 7, 2011

Media & Kids

I'm thinking about doing a media turn off during the week for Kaitlyn Joy.  I'm sick and tired of the bad attitude.  Something has to give.  Ugh!  Neal and Kj fight at dinner time like cats and dogs.  Honestly I'm sick of it.  Sometimes I think he has a pet peeve which she knows and goes for it.  I'm not sure if his expectations are to high for a four year old or if she should be cleaner when she eats.  I do know I don't like eating with the pair; it's never pleasant.

Okay, kids and media.  Have you ever met kids who aren't allowed to watch TV during the week or perhaps not at all?  And when I say TV I'm talking about videos too.  They almost seem to be a whole different breed.  It's time we have some remolding going on in our house.  If you want a little glimpse into cutting the media out of your child's life you should read The Thorn by Beverly Lewis.  It's an excellent book that really gets you thinking.

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