Monday, March 14, 2011

Outside Allergens

It always seems at some point in time someone is pressuring me to spend a day outside.  They think it will be fun and possibly cheap if all we are going to is a park.  Now granted Kaitlyn Joy will have a good time, but I won't.  The whole time we are out I'm going to worry that it's been to long and the next day I'll have a sick kid.  Honestly to long for her could be 30 minutes.  When she wakes up coughing the next day it really stinks.  It's worse when on day two (today) she wakes up hoarse.  Now tell me why some people don't want to understand this?  It's like they must experience my child sick before they concede she has outdoor allergies; I resent that!  However, the not believing can be and is used on other things too.  Things must get ruined to prove I was right on a matter.  Do you think it's the selfish side of people that does this?  They just want to have fun or do things their way and then it blows up in my face.  Lovely.  We took Kj to the park on Saturday.  I'm not sure how long we were there, but it has really knocked her for a loop.  Mind you this post isn't about Neal even though it was his idea to take her to the park.  She's sick now.  She came into my room talking at a whisper this morning.  Ugh!  Perhaps it's a good thing I'm pregnant in Texas this time so the baby can get used to the allergens in utero.

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