Friday, March 4, 2011

RIP... umm... yeah

With the passing of a great man recently I was thinking how people write RIP or say "rest in peace".  I've never been crazy about the saying and acronym.  It's actually a false statement.  Do you think we say it for ourselves?  There's no resting in death.  The Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  You can't be present with the Lord and resting in peace.  Sure whatever was ailing your body is no longer a concern to you so in that you can say you have peace.  However, I keep thinking you're either running on the streets of gold greeting all your old friends and family members, walking the fields with Jesus and spending time in the presence of the Lord or experiencing hell and damnation.  Although the former might sound peaceful you wouldn't be resting.  And the latter...  Well, it's hell.  There isn't peace in hell.  Hey, guess what?  Even atheist experience eternity.  They might like to say they don't believe in it, but when their time comes they aren't resting in peace; they're either walking the streets of gold or burning in hell.

I imagine when Mr Godfrey left his old tired body behind he didn't just lay down and rest.  I keep picturing him entering heaven while sprinting.  I can see a big smile on his face and his arms open wide.  I bet he was calling greets to all the friends and accuantances that beat him there.  And then he saw his daughter.  If there were tears in heaven I'm sure he would have grabbed her and hugged her for a long time while crying his eyes out.  Instead they probably ran into each others arms while smiling and laughing.  His body might be in the ground (or wherever they put his ashes), but the real Dale is in heaven.

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