Monday, February 7, 2011

Weather, Tote Bags, & Flip-Flops

I'm so thankful we live in Texas. We can have the cold weather, like the snow last Friday, then it's in the 70s on Sunday. God knows us Texans don't mind a touch of cold weather if it's quickly followed by warmth. How awesome is that?!!!

In MOPS today we made monogrammed tote bags. The craft needed to be done quickly so I spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning stenciling a doily pattern on each of the 27 bags. My rear hurt from sitting on a step stool and/or the floor for so long. All the ladies had to do was stencil their initial onto the bag. It seemed a bit of a shaft to make the ladies part so simple, but in the end it made it do able. I think most would have gotten frustrated trying to carefully stencil the doily on. When I purchased the first package of paper doilies, I got 10" ones. I wasn't sure how big they needed to be. Once I opened up the first bag I realized my 10" wouldn't fit in the corner of the bag. I had to go back to the store and buy 12" ones. Because I had these smaller ones I gave the ladies the option of stenciling a second doily onto their bag. Only two took me up on it which makes me really happy I took care of the bulk of the work for them.

Kaitlyn Joy has done a great job of crushing down the fabric to make these look not so fluffy. My flash bleached out the color. =( The purple is from the same frabric I made Kj's Disney World stroller bag out with Minnie all over. I didn't use it so you could see Minnie; I only wanted it for the color. She loves pink and purple. Kj loves them! The bonus to all the fabric is that keeps her feet warm on cool days.

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