Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Desitin Paste Explosion

Yesterday I noticed Kaitlyn Joy showing signs of a UTI. The Dr agreed something was going on and suggested we push the fluids and use diaper cream on her until we get the results back on Friday. We stopped by the BX for some Desitin. Unfortunately I bought the wrong kind. We've always used the cream and I bought the paste. Yuck! We used it anyway. A little bit ago I went upstairs while Kj was supposed to be having quiet time and discovered this...

Desitin all over the mirror and counter top. Notice the tube is almost empty and you can't even read the label because it's coated so well.

And look at Neal's my kid. As you can see it was on her arms and legs, but she didn't stop there. It was also on her hair pretty bad. While I was cleaning up the bathroom I put her in the tub. She took it upon herself to rub all the Desitin from her arms and legs all over her belly, back, and hair while I cleaned. I had to scrub her down with Palmolive dish soap. Ugh... her hair was a mess. The stuff caused her hair to tangle as it clung on for dear life. With a washcloth and the soap I believe I managed to get most of it out. And my goodness the middle of her back was white! I don't mean white girl white either.

I learned again the wonder of Clorox and Lysol wipes. We don't use them often, but we do keep some around. When in a pinch those things are life savers. I first wiped the counter with toilet paper and it smeared the mess. I then used a Clorox wipe and it cut right through it. It didn't leave little smears. It was gone. I ran out of Clorox wipes and had to use Lysol wipes. I honestly couldn't tell a difference between the performance; they both worked wonderfully.

Note to self: Go buy more Clorox or Lysol wipes to replace the empty containers.


Wittschen's said...

OH MY!!! That is hilarious! I mean it is EVERYWHERE!! lol too funny

Hilary said...

Oh wow she really did a good job....sorry you had to clean up by yourself :( Lanta did that too once with toothpaste..TURKEYS!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

I think I'll have to put Clorox wipes on my shopping list now. Must be good stuff if it was able to clean up that mess easily.

Life with little children doesn't ever get boring, does it?