Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs

Alright what is wrong with my dog? Since her little chocolate binge and near death experience she has regressed. Mind you she's a senior and gave up her puppy ways a long time ago. She has taken up peeing on the carpet and sometimes leaving other little presents. Lovely. While at my parents house for Christmas she left a puddle in my parents bedroom once a day. At least she's consistent. LOL... We have to look at the bright side somehow.

She has begun to attack our kitchen trashcan. For two nights in a row she would knock over the trashcan while I was giving Kaitlyn Joy a bath. During the day I would hear her hitting the trashcan trying to pull up on it. Ugh! After the second night of binge eating in my absence I put the can in the garage. I bought a smaller can and put it in the pantry. One problem solved.

And today... Oh today was lovely. I came home from the gym to find a hole in our carpet. While locked up she decided to do a little scratching. Yes, the house would need new carpet before we sell it, but we didn't count on that need being from a hole. And we by no means want to put it in now. I'm going to pick up a rug and throw it over it for now. I don't want Kj picking at it nor Sadie making it worse.

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