Thursday, January 6, 2011


The Christmas decorations are put away... I'm loving it. For some reason I was annoyed by them this year. I think it was because Kaitlyn Joy wanted to play with EVERYTHING. How many times did I tell her "ornaments are for looking at, not touching"??? Countless. We ended up with several ornaments hanging off the bottom branches. Stinker! Now the house looks so much cleaner and all I did was put the Christmas decor away. Ahhhh, I'm loving it.

On several occasions I've told Kj not to walk or jump on the couches. She likes to stand on the coffee table and jump or fall onto them. Tonight she started it up. When she was crawling back onto the coffee table after her first jump I asked her what was not supposed to be on the couch. She played dumb. I grabbed her foot while waiting on an answer and she fought back a smirk. I finally said, "Your feet". I reminded her about not jumping on the couch. She looked at me only waiting a beat and said, "You need to go to the bathroom." Little rat! She wanted me to leave so she could jump on the couch. Did you all know I was born yesterday. =) What gets me is she will say the funniest things with the perfect pitch and expressions that makes us want to fall on the floor laughing.

Okay Neal needs help in the garage so I should go.

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