Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can You Speak Crazy?

In the middle of the night I woke up to find a bed buddy had snuck under the covers. Typically unless it's about 20 minutes before the alarm goes off I make her go back to her bed. She talks, kicks off MY covers, throws an arm/leg on you then proceeds to move it countless times, tells you she's hungry, cries, asks to watch TV, and on it goes. I was surprised when I noticed it was around 1:30am rather then closer to 6:45 like I assumed. She was sleeping so well I decided to leave her.

Have you ever slept with a crazy person? I won't mention any initials (Neal), but I typically sleep with a crazy person every night. I say typically because he's out of town now and won't be back for a couple more weeks. Not just anyone can sleep with Neal and Kaitlyn. First off I'll have to break your legs if your crawling into bed with one of them, but that's not where I'm going. You have to speak crazy to sleep with them. They talk, move around (not just the typical rolling over), gesture and even get out of bed in their sleep. Neal's the worst between the two. Kj cries in her sleep on a nightly basis. While we were away this summer Neal and his mom were talking about Kj crying at night. What neither of them got was the fact that she wasn't awake for any of it. She does it all the time. Since being married to Neal I've learned to speak crazy so when he does something in his sleep and it wakes me up I don't bat an eye. I usually tell him to go back to sleep or get back in bed; he will comply and not remember a thing in the morning. Well, my crazy child... Last night she shot her right arm straight up in the air while crying out for me. Situations like this it really helps when you speak crazy. To anyone who can't speak crazy they probably would have snatched her up for a quick cuddle that would only have succeeded in waking her up and freaking her out. She probably would have burst into tears. Me? I grabbed her hand and laid it down; all the talking stopped. That folks is how you speak crazy. When we first got married Neal would be giving orders and here's me half a sleep and out of bed trying to find whatever it was he was saying needed to be fixed. I used to get mad that he would wake me up for such dumb things. More importantly he wouldn't remember it in the morning. So I learned if he's talking or acting something out in his sleep to just tell him to stop that he is sleeping.

You should hear our conversations sometimes... He will insist he's awake (and maybe he is some times) all the while I'm telling him he's sleeping and he needs to lay down.
Neal: says something foolish/odd in his sleep
Me: Are you awake?
Neal: Yes
Me: No you're not.
Neal: Goes back to odd conversation
Me: Neal, you're still asleep!

Usually he will wake up just enough to realize something is going on and then he will roll over and go to sleep.

This morning Kj started kicking her covers off in her sleep. As much as I would prefer her to leave them on I let it go. Then she decided to turn sideways in the bed. With bent knees her feet were aimed at my head. I quickly spun her around to avoid the kicking that was sure to come. I can speak crazy, can you?

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Wittschen's said...

Actually I relate... but to Neal and KJ!! Kevin tells me all the time that I will sit straight up in the bed and start teling him something that seems to make no sense to him, but makes perfect sense to me. I have jumped out of bed saying that a homeless man was trying to get me, started screaming that Kevin was laying on top of our baby (dane isn't in the bed), jumped up looking for things that are "suppose" be hooked to something. Yet, I remember nothing the next morning!!! Dane cries out in the middle of the night also. And he will scream NO sometimes or want to watch Mickey Mouse! lol too funny! hopefully you can get some sleep! I have woken up to an empty bed and Kevin telling me that he couldnt go back to sleep bc I was talking too much. Sorry from one of the crazy sleepers! :)