Saturday, October 30, 2010

Styrofoam Christmas Tree

Today Kaitlyn Joy and I made a Styrofoam Christmas tree. Because it would add texture and simply be more fun we put "paper" mache around the cone with fabric.
I learned wadding the fabric up while picking up gobs of goo (aka glue) works so much more efficient then simply dipping your fingers and rubbing it on the fabric like I was doing. Or at least that's what my assistant found worked the best. I tried to steer her over to my view of thinking, but she wasn't to be swayed.

I also learned the higher up your arm you get the goo the better the fabric will stick to the cone.

Finally the cone is fully covered in fabric strips. Fast forward from spraying primer onto the dried paper mache job, green painting, glue and glitter added to both the tree and Styrofoam balls and you get this little guy. I know it looks sad here, but it's having to stand alone; no other Christmas decor around. It looks a lot better in person (in my opinion).
Kaitlyn Joy hasn't seen it since I put all the balls on; which oddly look to all be on one side in the photo. She's going to love it! I'm sure I'll have to fight little hands from pulling the balls off.

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Hilary said...

How fun!!! It looks great :)