Wednesday, October 27, 2010

65 Girl

Not taken today
This morning I woke up without the assistance of Kaitlyn Joy or the alarm clock; this rarely happens. If I'm blessed enough to sleep in once in a blue moon.... ahhh, how sweet it is. Well, this morning was one of those mornings. I wake up, realize my alarm hasn't gone off yet, go back to sleep, wake up a little bit later (minutes perhaps) look at the clock because it seems a bit to bright outside, leap out of bed (25 minutes until we need to leave), rush for Kaitlyn Joy's room, tell her to get up. Other then waking up, she doesn't move. I run back in her room, remove the covers and started standing her up. I guided her to the bathroom and told her to go potty. She was VERY content to just sit there for a while. I tried to rush her along, but the girl was having none of it. I finally dressed myself then her while she sat there. I grabbed hair items and ran downstairs with Sadie. I barely got the alarm off and Sadie outside when Kaitlyn Joy started crying. Ugh! We didn't have time for crying. She was upset for two reasons: 1, with her ribbon skirt on she couldn't quickly pull her jeans up and gave up. And 2, I had unsnapped the top snap and she couldn't close the jeans. She FINALLY came down stairs. I gave her cereal then started on her hair. Glancing at the clock I noted she had 11 minutes to eat; she needs 20. Grrrr... I rushed her along giving her updates on when we needed to leave; 4 minutes, 2 minutes... I put socks on her feet and sent her for shoes. I set the home alarm then rushed into the garage to find her looking at butterflies. Okay she really wasn't looking at butterflies, but if there had been any in our garage she would have been. She STILL didn't have shoes on her feet. Seriously kid? I was tempted to have her get in the car without them, but I knew she would destroy her socks walking across the dirty floor. She finally got a little fire under her rear and got her shoes on while I put Sadie in the car. We were buckled and pulling out of the driveway right on time.

My child is an hour and five minutes kind of girl. She likes to take her time getting out of bed, putting clothes on, eating and so forth. She did everything in her power to stretch that 25 minutes to 65.

Thankfully we did get out the door on time because it seems either everyone else left their house early or forgot to turn their alarms on too. The streets were crowded enough to make us 5 minutes later then normal. Thank goodness we always leave a little early just in case. We have to cross some tracks and if I go a little later we typically get caught by a train; today we missed the train.

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