Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wish List

It's that time of year again. Kaitlyn Joy has been telling us what she wants for Christmas every time we go down a toy isle or see a movie. We took her to the movies on base over the summer and saw Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. While driving way from the theater she said "I want Cats & Dogs for Christmas". She basically likes anything to do with cats and/or dogs. She switches back and forth on which one she's really into. Over the weekend she was carrying a dog around Uncle Jeremy gave her and the last two days she's had her two white cats with her. Speaking of the dog... it takes on many names. Recently we rented Marmaduke (another movie she says we NEED to buy) and shortly after seeing it she changed Martha (once Marley) to Marmaduke. She was looking through her doll clothes and found a dress from Build-a-Bear for a traditional style dog (walks on 4 legs not 2) and put it on her dog. ((BAMB)) Just like that Marmaduke became Jezebel. Sigh... On Marmaduke there was a Collie with the name. I can't bring myself to let her take it to church. I can picture the faces now when she announces it's name. Any time we are near a Red Box she asks if we can rent it again. She enjoyed the new Tinkerbell too, but it's the animal movies that are getting multiple request.

Kaitlyn Joy has a new fascination with horses. Maybe not to new she has been saying for a while she wants to ride one. She has a small pink glittery horse that came with a Kelly doll and some other horses that came with some Little People. I've seen her gather them all up for a round of... I don't know. She always points out the big horses on the toy isles. I'm not so sure she's really a $40 fan though. LOL... I can't bring myself to get one of those. She has some My Little Pony's, but doesn't seem to care to much about those.

Like all the other little kids in America she wants a Pillow Pet. Neal and I joked when they first came out that a Pillow Pet is an item a grandparent buys a child. Well as it turns out her great-grandmother picked up a lady bug one last month. She doesn't know this so she's been begging me to make her one. So far I have two ears put together and the darts for a cats head. We will see how that goes. I bought a paper pattern for the cat head and I HATE paper patterns. I already had the fabric though so I thought why not try it.

She's really into the plain, no real frills, ballet outfits right now. She practically lives in a pink one; she's actually wearing it right now. It's one of the simple Walmart ones that you get in girls department with a skirt attached. She crawled into the drier today to locate it.

From time to time she talks about Barbies, but has never owned one so other then commercials I'm not sure where she's getting it from. She will be getting at least one for Christmas.

Oh, make-up... how could I forget. The child is always asking to put on make-up. She loves playing with it.

Another thing she's really getting into is dress-up shoes. She has a blue pair she calls - well she calls them a few things. They used to be her Cinderella shoes and when we watched Cinderella tonight (on VHS, we're styling) and she spotted the glass slipper she announced she has some of those. LOL... Lately she's been calling them horse shoes. =( I'm not sure where that's coming from! I put on the ones I wore to my wedding and she asked if we could run like horses in them. Ah, no!

Beauty and the Beast. Kaitlyn Joy loves anything Beauty and the Beast. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a stuffed tea pot or a castle with Belle and the Beast, she loves it. Needless to say she loves going into the Disney store.

I had decided this year not to give out hints on what she likes, but then I was thinking the cousin name swap is coming up so I better give ideas for the cousin. Grandparents should have some kind of idea, but the poor cousin (or their parent) will be in the dark.

I'm sure there are other items I'm leaving off. I asked Neal if he can remember any and so far I only hear crickets on his end of the line. Of course she does love all the gaming systems for preschoolers. We actually bought one over the summer and picked up all the "games". I know that one will be a BIG hit. If it's not I'll be shocked.

Edit: I stand corrected, Fisher Price came out with two new games for the iXL. We bought Kaitlyn Joy the first six. The new ones are Shrek Forever After and SpongeBob SquarePants.

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