Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week Two of School

It's been a week so I guess a little update is in order. Kaitlyn Joy's first week of school went really well. Her teacher might tell me a little "Oops" of the day, but for the most part she had glowing reports. We actually had a great weekend too. I believe either it's going to school or just maturing, perhaps maturing because she's going to school that has helped Kaitlyn Joy's behavior. I'm not saying she's perfect. She definitely have picked up a couple things. Sunday night for the first time in her life she bit me. What in the world is up with that?!! By the look on her face when I took her into the foyer (we were at church) she couldn't believe she had just done it either. When she initially bit me I popped her cheek to get her to let go. I must admit I was taken by surprised. Instantly all the things I've heard from parents of one year olds who have bitten came rushing back. What did I do? I had a stern talk with her on how we don't bite. I let her know if she does it at school I WILL find out about it and she WILL get a spanking when she gets home. I've never seen her more remorseful. I don't believe she broke eye contact with me. Normally when she's in trouble I have to keep saying, "look at my eyes!" The next morning when she woke up I was already downstairs. One of the first things out of her mouth was, "Mommy, how does your arm feel?" That's my baby. =)

What's the good things your wondering? Well... She went all day Saturday without a time out and/or spanking. Woohooo!!!! I'm not saying she didn't get warned, but she was good enough not to get punished and that's saying a LOT for my child. *sigh... she had to get a spanking while I typed this. Stinker!

Wednesday she came home telling me God made the fence, the stop sign, and the birds; God made everything. I told her God made trees and people cut the trees down to make the fence. One day she'll get it.

Today she was introduced to scissors. I've let her use scissors one time; last month actually. I don't like the idea of her using scissors to soon because it means cut hair, clothes, bedding, and possibly even Sadie. Her teacher said she thoroughly went over not cutting clothes and hair. Anyway, she seemed to enjoy her day.

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