Sunday, September 5, 2010

Projectile Vomiting!

After church today where Pastor basically talked about being doers of the Word not just hearers we came home for turkey wraps. Yes, Pastor's sermon has nothing to do with the story; I just wanted to throw that in. After a bit we headed off to the Bass ProShop. Kaitlyn Joy really likes looking at all the real stuffed animals.

Speaking of stuffed animals.... We had a lot of fun last night. We finally found a backup cat for Fluffy. I've been washing it every time I put a load of laundry in. However all my efforts to make it match Fluffy were in vain. Unless Neal and I slept with it for four weeks straight there's no way we could even get it close to looking like Fluffy. So last night while Kaitlyn Joy was sleeping I put Fluffy 2 in bed with her. My hope was that she would accept it was a really clean Fluffy. How did it go you wonder? Well at 2 am she came out of her room declaring it wasn't her cat. She wasn't happy. I hear crying and demands of where Fluffy is at. Truthfully Fluffy was in the closet my craft room which is where my parents were sleeping. We finally told her Fluffy 2 was Fluffy's little brother. She accepted that and had to carry them BOTH around all day. We failed in our attempt at having a back-up cat.

Back to my story now. After leaving the Bass ProShop I tried giving Kj back her apple. I first gave it to her on the way up and surprisingly she didn't want it after a few bites. She normally finishes the whole thing in good timing. I think she took one bite after I gave it back to her. I also gave her some Ritz crackers with cheese. After eating one cheese cracker and licking the cheese out of another set of crackers she decided she was done. Not eating the crackers and apples was really odd for her. I wanted her to eat them because she was tired and was going to fall asleep before we got home. I planned on putting her to bed for the night and wanted to get a little something in her belly seeing how she would miss dinner. When we got home my dad got her sleeping body out of the car seat. He didn't make it far into our garage when Kj vomited over his shoulder. I grabbed and took her into the bathroom. She finished vomiting in there with zero comprehension of leaning over the toilet. She would look the general direction while covering the toilet, walls, and floor with her vomit. I know she felt bad, but I finally had to get physical with her and put her face down by the toilet seat. The last time she lost her lunch (literally) it was on my arm while I tried to get her head in the bowl. When it hit my arm it flew EVERYWHERE! I had it on my glasses, down my leg, on my shirt and shorts, and in my hair. Can you say gross? I stripped her clothes, took out her pigtails, wiped down her chest and face then sent her with Neal to go get into bed. It took me a while, but I finally got the bathroom wiped down and my clothes changed. As I expected she went to bed late so she's still sleeping. Hopefully she wakes up tomorrow feeling great.

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