Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toadstool Backpacks for Preschoolers

I've been sewing, debating, and sewing some more. I'm currently making two toadstool backpacks I would have finished one or both of them tonight, but my iron decided to peter out. =( I don't want to change and head to Walmart (although I'm sure I would blend right in) so I'm going to wait until tomorrow. That leaves me with two unfinished backpacks. Here's what I have so far...
This one still needs it's lining. I guess I could have straightened it better for the photo too. =p
I was preparing to sew the back on this one when I couldn't seem to wrap my mind around putting the straps on straight. Seriously what's the deal?! I take that as my cue to walk away from the sewing machine. After carefully measuring, pinning, realizing I twisted the strap so I unpinned, measured again, pinned to low... and on it went...
After the second time of putting it in the perfect place, but with a flipped strap I walked away.
By the way, the yellows and greens really don't look like they are pictured; for some reason they are brighter in the photos.

I do have one regret... Okay two, but I'm only going to point out one. My regret is making the door and curtains the same color in the second picture. If the top of the toadstool were maybe blue the double pink wouldn't be so bad. Hopefully someone loves it and really wants it. I know it should be easy and probably looks like it would be easy, but mixing and matching the scrap fabrics for the doors, windows, and dots is really hard. I fold or roll the fabric and lay it on top of the base or top of the toadstool over and over until I finally pick one.
I know I've posted it before (I did right?), but here's Kaitlyn Joy's backpack again.
She'll be using this next week as she heads off to K3. =)
The first picture is of a backpack I sold on Etsy last week. It went off to a three year old in Washington state.


Jennifer (aka Snowfrog) said...

I love these, they are soo cute! Is this a pattern you made up yourself? So Creative! And I like the double curtains/door colors. I think they look great and you are sure to sell them!

Hilary said...

They are ADORABLE!!!! You are so talented!! :)