Monday, August 9, 2010


We passed two anniversaries this week and I didn't blog about them... I know I'm such a faithful blogger you guys are all shocked right. LOL... Well, August 2nd was Neal and I's seventh anniversary. Yep seven years. That sounds like such a long time yet is doesn't feel like it's been seven years. Some fun facts for you: Kaitlyn Joy has been with us for just over half our marriage, we've spent most of our married life living overseas and other then a couple months the rest has been spent in Texas. Okay that's all I can think of. Hmmm... We've spent most of our marriage trying to get pregnant. Wow that's really true. That's kind of sad. I guess there was eight months of being knocked up and two months after until we were ready to try again. So here we are seven years, one child, two dogs (one now lives with my parents), and a mortgage later. I wonder where we will be living in another seven years?

Oh the mortgage, that brings me to our other anniversary. August 6th marks one year since we closed on our house. We bought the house knowing we will only be here until Kaitlyn Joy turns eight and her orthopedic surgeon releases her. It fits us well though. If we have another baby while here I'll have to move everything in the craft room to my bedroom. It will make thing interesting, but a child is worth it.

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Hilary said...

Happy Anniversary!!!