Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That Time Of Year Again

Every year around this time I start watching Kaitlyn Joy to see what she likes. It can take a while to find out what new things she's really into. I'm guessing her picks will change some after she enters school next week. And goodness the commercials... she's a sucker for them all. Suddenly her Zhu-Zhu pet needs a car and tunnels because the hamsters on TV love them. Just to mess with my head she saw a big doll at Walmart yesterday and had to play with it. FYI to all family members, she really doesn't care for dolls. She hasn't played with her favorite doll in a couple months. What's her big thing you ask? All those handheld learning games. Because of this yesterday I bought her the new Fisher Price iXL Learning System. Now I need to hunt down some of the "games" that go with it.

Last year I made most of the Christmas gifts we gave away, but I've decided to do gift cards this year. I know it's so personal in all. Doing this will help me craft Christmas decor like I wanted to do last year. And seeing how we took their choice away last year this year they can pick their own gifts. On that note I should start buying those too.

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