Friday, June 18, 2010

Cup Of Dirt - Update

I'm not so sure it's marigolds, but we do have something growing in Kaitlyn Joy's cup. She was beside herself this morning when I showed her the three sprouts. Honestly right now it looks like weeds. I had the urge to pull them out. =) I'm pretty sure I pulled weeds out of my flowerbed that looks just like them. Seeing how I'm not a marigold fan I sure wasn't pulling out baby marigolds.

Now suddenly the window it's been in all week isn't good enough. Kj wants it in the kitchen window (North) or the window by the front door (South). I keep telling her it needs a lot of sunlight, but she doesn't believe me. I should tell her the window I first put it in, is it's home. For her that's the magic word, "it's home" or "it's family". She will be ready to fight to the hilt until I say, "Kaitlyn Joy put it with it's family" and suddenly a switch flips and to "it's family" it goes. With that said the cup is now back in it's window. Once it was back she declared it needed water. I reminded her we gave it water this morning. One day I will probably find a cup full of water sitting in the kitchen window.

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