Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cup Of Dirt

They talked about God creating the world in children's church today. When we picked up Kaitlyn Joy the lady handed me a cup with a Popsicle stick in it that had Kj's name on it (misspelled), some soil and she said a marigold seed. She said it was my job to make sure it grows. I'm not looking forward to this challenge. I'm usually really good with plants, but at an Easter egg hunt we went to Kj and I were both given a marigold and they both died. I really tried to save them. At first I didn't think I watered them enough. I worked at watering them more, but they still weren't doing well. Maybe they knew I'm not a fan of marigolds? I'm not sure. I decided they weren't getting enough sunlight on our porch so I put them in the backyard where they would be bathed in sunlight. I watered them daily right along with my other flowers. I even stuck them in the ground. Only thing is, the other flowers started doing wonderfully and one of the marigolds crossed over into flower heaven. I was hoping to nurse the second one back to health, but it didn't stand a chance against the weed whacker Neal used on it; I now have a 1" stump sticking out of the ground. He said he thought everything not in pots back there was weeds. Truth is I think he dislikes marigolds as much as I do.

So now I have a cup with a seed in it. Did they know this was the second time we've been given a cup with a seed in it this spring/summer? I remember when I got the first cup questioning the lady if she actually had put the seed in it. She said yes. Nothing ever came out of it. When the lady gave me the cup today I again wondered if there was a seed in it. If we don't get a flower out of the deal then I may buy a packet of seeds and give plants in a cup one more try. If I can't grow a flower when I know there's a seed in the soil then I will no longer accept cups of dirt.

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