Friday, March 19, 2010

Time For Color

I've been painting Kaitlyn's room this week. Here's a little color choice confession on my part. I was debating between making the walls yellow or a blue-green color. I have a ton of colorful butterflies from her birthday party last summer that I plan on hanging from her ceiling. So blue could look like the sky and yellow would just be pretty. Well... I went to Walmart and decided to look through their paint reject shelves. I decided I would pick one (unless they were all really terrible) and paint Kaitlyn Joy's bathroom or bedroom with it. So this bright blue was born out of the reject bin for a whopping $4.

This picture is after I edged the room. Kaitlyn Joy loved the color, but was a little upset I wasn't painting the center of the walls.

This was taken a little bit ago. Natural light is by far the best option for painting so I had to give it up for the day. Right now I'm thinking about calling the flower on the right done. The one on the left still needs to be defined. There's now a pink flower like the one on the left, on the wall in the first photo. The little frog is actually a piece of wood. I bought it already painted from Michael's. I also bought two butterflies that still need to be finished.

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Hilary said...

Awe it looks cute :)